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Gayatri : the artist

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The Artist

Gayatri Manchanda

Gayatri did her Masters in English Literature from Delhi University and subsequently obtained a teacher's training degree. After her marriage, to a career diplomat, she spent the next seventeen years travelling- to Egypt, the Arabian Gulf, both east and west Europe as well as Sri Lanka.

Diverse cultures have left their mark on her, but she relies more on moods to influence the direction of her work. The powers of colours to determine the atmosphere of a painting are used to the maximum effect -- abstract shapes may impart an ambivalence to the realism in the paintings.

Gayatri's oil and acrylic paintings may sometimes be described as semi-abstract, and the viewer is free to interpret and understand.

The subject matters vary from people in ordinary life depicted realistically, to semi-abstract themes in the oils and acrylics.The paintings are often romantic representations of reality, but some may not fit into such deceptively simplistic categories. They are experiments in themes, colours and ideas.

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